About 3500 years ago, Gaïa (our Earth) was the scene of extraordinary events that are reflected in legends around the world. Abina, a young priestess of the Sacred Citadel, and Bek, a visitor from the Other Earth, Hestia, faced disasters while living their story and many other stories.
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I wrote my story in French (La dernière plaie) and I translated into English (United Kingdom), I would say, I tried to …. (thanks to DeepL, Reverso and Antidote). I’m aware there could be a lot of mistakes, because even if I speak English, it’s not my mother tongue and writing is not the same thing as talking. So please would you be so understanding and kind to me. The book was self published on Amazon so I cannot put more than some parts of it on other sites. The full English version is now available on line.


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