2013 History books

Le livre qui vous a marqué: For me rather than one special book I am totally mesmerized and captivated by anecdotes of historyand how they shaped today. Decisions and/or actions taken and the consequence of something which occured centuries ago yet the repercussions are still living with us.When 16 year old Mehmet II ascended to the Ottoman throne (his father abdicated and gave him the throne), the Pope learned that a young and inexperienced emperor was on the Ottoman throne throuh his spies in Bursa.The Pope decided it was an opportune moment to launch a military campaign and started to raise a European army.Mehmet discovered this through his own spies in Rome.The young Mehmet sent emissaries to his father to return to the throne and defend the empire.The answer was “you are now Ottoman Emperor and it is your duty, not mine”.Mehmet responded:“If I am the emperor I order you to return, if you are it is your duty to return”.The father came back, defeated the Papal force and went back to retirement. Mehmedbecame “Mehmed the Conquerer” by taking Constantinople in 1453 and ending the ByzantineEmpire.One letter, one decision, history was made.

© Testimony Osman Mayatepek, Chairman ELSAN, Turkey

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