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The orphan

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© 2023-2024 Anaelle

Always sit

Sitting all life. Always yelling his prant's names.
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The child must have 4 years and run to the doors of the school, his bag bounces under the frenetic movement of his race. His backpack is blue and red with yellow straps, he is full of marbles and his best drawing. The child arrives in front of the gate, and he is happy. He waits for his parents. “Mom, Dad,” the child yells his parents’ names. No one answers. He starts again with more energy by saying to himself that his parents will arrive. “Mom, Dad”. The sound of the wind tells him “They are gone”. The child comes out, he sits in the middle of the children waiting for their parents. At the age of 10, he is still sitting down, but this time he is yelling at the universe “Where is Dad, where is Mom”. At the age of 13, he is still sitting and trying to get up. At the age of 15, he gets up but can not stand up, the crutches make him fall lower. At the age of 15 and a half, his drawing finds the gaze of a flower. The child and the flower love each other but the flower fades. The flower says: it’s too hard to love someone who has never been able to show his backpack dry full of marbles and his best drawing to his parents. The flower and the child drown in their love sadly the flower decided to take the rescue buoy and rise to the surface. At the age of 17, the child was happy in the suffering of the flower, he knew it and decided to go back sit down and call the wait. Waiting tells the child why you called me, and the child answers that I got up too and I seek you to soothe my neuroses. Wait saw her eunoia and gave his a gift. The truth is the greatest gift and the one the child dreamed of. Truth said: « What happened to your parents who abandoned you because they are unable to offer you, love ». At the age of 18, the child is still sitting, crying. The child has always cried out “Dad, Mom”. At the age of 19, the child is ready to get up. At the age of 20, he finds balance and thanks waiting. At the age of 21, the child wonders how he understands the world. At the age of 22, he call back wait: help me I am stabbed. Waiting calls the flower to 3 they sit around the table the crying moistens the room. Waiting and Flower asks the child to write a letter. Here is the letter

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