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Sunny days

Amour, Anglais

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© 2020-2024 Jordann

© 2020-2024 Jordann

Souvenir lumineux d'une belle histoire d'amour qui naquit, de l'autre côté de la terre, d'un coup de foudre dans un ciel bleu.
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It was a sunny day in Sydney
I saw you in this small cafe, on my way to Rose Bay


Your eyes locked with mine, it was love at first sight
World and time just stopped, words could not be said
I gently took your hand, and our story began
Enchanted guest in your little Paddington nest
Surfing on your golden skin, laughing at everything
Young and good-looking, life was such a good feeling
Wind blowing in bleached hair, music in the air
You looked like cinema, sounded like an opera
Future could only be starlight and dream-like
Exploring your mystery, discovering fragility
Learning how to play, to find the right way
Seeking the treasure, the sound of your pleasure
Then passion slowly died; there was sadness but no cry
You went away on this great ship, left me with the greatest gift
Knowing that happiness is not depending on length


It was a sunny day in Sydney
I saw you in this small cafe on my way to Rose Bay

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