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Hey moneymaker !


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© 2020-2024 Jordann

© 2020-2024 Jordann

L'argent ... quand il prend trop d'importance, il détruit! La beauté en général et l'amour en particulier devrait précéder son indéniable attraction!
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Hey moneymaker!
About love you didn’t care
Your only trust was in the cash
And now your life is a crash
Hey moneymaker!
Such a great gambler
You played with all
And now youve lost your soul
Hey moneymaker!
You had no mercy
A sentimental bankruptcy
Could never be a possibility
Hey moneymaker!
She loved you, remember
What did you do
Of this treasure given to you?
Hey moneymaker!
Far to late for prayers
This mess cannot be repaired
She is gone for ever
Hey moneymaker!
Never ending nightmare
It’s hard to be a looser
A looser of the heart

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