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Amour, Anglais

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© 2021-2023 Jordann

© 2021-2023 Jordann

Parmi les moments les plus forts de la vie, la rencontre d'un ou d'une autre à coeur battant.
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It’s a springtime day

Sun high in the sky

Sweet dancing wind

Shades of winter dying


I feel so much alive

And I wonder why


Suddenly she came in sight

Walking through the garden

Decided strides, naked legs

All skin and flesh


I feel so much alive

Want to shout and sing


This pounding in my chest

Exploding colors everywhere

Grass suddenly greener

Can’t believe she’s there


I feel so much alive

Want to shout and sing


We are face to face

Mixing our shadows

A sparrow in our hearts

Time coming to a halt


I feel so much alive

Want to shout my loving


Hungry eyes locked

Reaching hands

Moment so perfect

No words needed


I felt so much alive

Don’t wake me up!

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